Time is of the essence in a Florida divorce case, which means that a spouse must be ready to get started as soon as possible. Otherwise, the divorce will drag on and the healing process will be delayed. Preparation starts at the very beginning when one makes their first visit to their attorney.

The attorney will ask their client a bunch of questions at first to get to know them and their situation. One thing that will be helpful to the lawyer is when the client comes prepared with documents for them to spare the attorney from having to ask some questions. It is better for the lawyer to be able to read what is on paper instead of hearing it verbally.

The relevant documents would pertain to anything that is in the marital estate whether it is an asset or a debt. This would start with income tax returns and pay stubs. If possible, one should give as much information that they can to the attorney about their spouse’s income. Then, one should furnish the lawyer with account statements from any account that could hold a marital asset such as an investment or retirement account. Being informed should help the attorney be ready for negotiations. It should also tip them off if the other spouse is trying to hide or undervalue certain assets.

Of course, hiring a divorce attorney is the first thing that someone should do when divorce appears to be a reality. Divorce is traumatic enough without having to handle the details of the legal process. Many people would not even know where to begin on their own. The attorney may help their client formulate an overall strategy and might then negotiate on their client’s behalf as they seek to move on expeditiously to the next chapter.